What is chitosan and its applications in the beauty field Chitit makes chitosan, chitin is found in fungi, yeast, marine invertebrates and arthropods. Shrimp shells and crab shells are raw materials rich in chitin.
REDUCE COSTS AND INCREASE VALUE THANKS TO NATURAL MATERIALS FROM AGRICULTURAL WASTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL "In addition to exporting and earning foreign currency, activated carbon products are also highly community-based. It takes advantage of agricultural waste - dried coconut shells - so it does not have to exploit natural resources and is environmentally friendly. , both in the production process and in use. This is a solution to increase the coconut tree value chain and create jobs for many workers."
Vietnamese agricultural products: Vietnamese sea grapes “Green caviar” as the British call it or “sea grapes” as the Japanese and Vietnamese call it. Sea grapes, a seaweed species belonging to the Caulerpaceae family, is very nutritious and is often used for salads, decorations, and sushi.
FRESH GOLDEN PINEAPPLE IN VIETNAM MD2 pineapple, also known as Super Sweet Honey Pineapple or Honey Golden Pineapple. The scientific name of pineapple is Ananas comosus, a type of pineapple characterized by shiny yellow skin and outstanding yellow flesh. Let’s discover some facts about this famous tropical fruit.
DRIED ANCHOVY FISH EXPORT IN VIETNAM, PROCESSING AND HS CODE Anchovies, a small sea fish that almost everyone living on the Central Coast in in Vietnam knows, are processed into a variety of dishes such as dried anchovies, fried anchovies, pickled anchovies, and especially fish sauce made from them which is everyone who once traveled to the Central Coast bought as gifts for relatives.
SOME USES AND TIPS FOR PRESERVING ANCHOVIES Dried anchovies are a familiar dish in Vietnamese meals. Dried anchovies are made from fresh anchovies. After being washed, the fish will be dried in the sun. Today, join us to learn about the effects and how to preserve this type.......
Unveiling the Secrets Behind Producing Quality Rice Bran for Livestock " This article takes a close look at the intricate process of producing rice bran for animal feed, guiding us through each step from the rice fields to the formulation of the final feed..... "
ADDED VALUE TO EACH PRODUCT FROM VIETNAMESE COCONUT Report No. 527/BC-ĐGS dated September 27, 2022 on the results of monitoring the organization and implementation
Learn the intricacies of producing protein-rich fish meal " Fish meal stands as a crucial ingredient in animal nutrition, tailored in diverse ways to meet the specific dietary requirements of various animals......"
PROCEDURES FOR EXPORTING FRESH GINGER Fresh ginger is not on the list of goods banned from import and export. Therefore, individuals and units can export fresh ginger normally. In addition, fresh ginger is not on the list of goods requiring an export license, so no export license is required. So how to carry out export procedures for this item? Do I need to apply for an export license? What is the export process like?
VIETNAMESE QUALITY GINGER HAS ALSO THE ABILITY TO COMPETITIVE WITH CHINESE GINGER? With high quality, guaranteed food safety, and a diverse range of applications, Vietnamese fresh ginger not only attracts attention domestically but also leaves a strong mark on the international market. Let us explore the advantages of Vietnamese ginger, a unique treasure from the heart of Southeast Asia, captivating the world more and more each day.
Coconut Milk - Harvesting and Crafting Coconut Milk "Coconut milk is a creamy liquid that comes from ripe coconuts and is a big deal in cooking. Making coconut milk involves some careful steps, starting from getting coconuts and ending with putting this tropical treat in packages...."
WHO KNEW THAT THE COCONUT TREE COULD HELP PEOPLE GET RICH LIKE THAT? Looking at the coconuts, no one would think that the fruits can be processed into various products, from agricultural waste to high-end products
Fish Oil - - Unlocking the full potential of fish oil production from pangasius fish in the Vietnamese market The fish oil industry is actively involved in extensive research and exploration, highlighting the potential of these various by-products across various sectors. Applications include the synthesis of alkyl ketene dimers (AKD) for papermaking, biolubricant production, and the use of fish oil as a fuel for diesel engines.
THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN VIETNAMESE GINGER AND CHINESE GINGER While various types of ginger share the common benefits of imparting fragrance and promoting health, each type cultivated in different countries exhibits distinct characteristics. Examples include Vietnamese ginger and Chinese ginger.
SEAGRAPE - NURTURE FROM THE SEA Found in Southeast Asia, Japan (around the island of Okinawa) and Pacific island regions, providing a unique flavor and nutritional richness from the sea. Makes the dish taste more unique
THE CUTTLEBONE- THE UNDISCOVERED HEALTH BENEFITS OF CUTTLEBONE Cuttlebone, known as "nang mực" in Vietnamese, is a unique structure found in cuttlefish, a type of cephalopod. This internal shell serves several purposes and is characterized by its hard and brittle nature
Quality in Every Bite: The Refined Art of Drying Anchovies to Perfection "Dried anchovies are considered a precious culinary treasure, revered for their versatility in being able to be processed into many different dishes and possessing a rich umami flavor....."
CHARACTERISTICS OF VIETNAMESE GINGER THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN BUYING "After 7-8 months of planting, the ginger tree will become old, the leaves will wither and fall off. When the ginger reaches 10 months of age or more, the ginger is no longer pink, the skin is thick and shiny, and after washing it does not peel off..."
THE INCREASE IN VIETNAMESE WASHED FRESH GINGER IN THE FIRST TWO QUATERS 2023 Not only does fresh ginger have nutritional value, but it also contributes to the overall economic value and, in particular, to the export industry of Vietnam. In the first two quarters of 2023, with export growth, the price of fresh ginger has rapidly increased, bringing excitement to farmers for their harvest.
GINGER - Exploring the World of Ginger Ginger is a plant that lives in tropical and subtropical regions. Ginger is a spice with a delicious flavor and many potential health benefits.
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